Customized Products

Customized Products

SIMAI great knowhow, acquired during its 50-yearslong history, made it possible to study and produce many special units
(Tow tractors up to 80 tons towing capacity and platform trucks up to 80 tons loading capacity).

All SIMAI products are realised according to a quality management system following UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 rules

Customised Products: Railways

Operating in the railways sector for more than four decades, SIMAI produces vehicles for trains’ cleaning (having invented the train’s side washing unit) and for trains’ maintenance. All railways... More

Customised Products: Airports

SIMAI has always been on the cutting edge designing and manufacturing tow tractors for airport ground handling, cargo handling and other airport duties. Tow tractors from the “R” series have been... More

Customised Products: Special Transport

In addition to standard units, SIMAI produce also vehicles with higher towing or loading capacity, according to Customers’ operating needs. Furthermore, all SIMAI products can be adapted to Customer... More

Customised Products: Semi-trailers handling

SIMAI manufactures tractors for both lorries and industrial semi-trailers handling. More

Customised Products: Coil Carriers

SIMAI manufactures coils and reels carriers, studying each unit according to duty peculiarities. SIMAI coils and reels carriers can pick up and lift (TB series) or just transport (PEB series). More

Customised Products: People Transport

SIMAI produces people transport vehicles, used in protected areas or in places where circulation has specific restrictions. More