Electric platform truck SIMAI PTE9 reaffirms its great flexibility

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Electric platform truck SIMAI PTE9 - great flexibility thanks to 4000 kg towing capacity and 1000 loading capacity
Platform truck SIMAI PTE9, thanks to its 4000 kg towing capacity is perfect for just-on-line duty
Electric truck SIMAI PTE9, the 1000kg loading capacity platform makes it ideal for fast deliveries

Electric platform truck SIMAI PTE9 reaffirms its great flexibility.
Perfect for the just-on-line duty, PTE9 fulfils the most typical needs of this duty thanks to its 4.000 kg towing capacity and great manoeuvrability. Furthermore the operator can easily hop on and off the driving place, equipped with comfortable back support.
While its design is based on electric tractors SIMAI TTE30 and TTE50, PTE9 has the edge over its "cousins": in its standard configuration it is equipped with a platform with 1000 kg loading capacity, making it perfect for fast delivery duties.
Electric platform truck SIMAI PTE9: an reliable support for enhancing duty efficiency and flexibility