New electric tow tractor SIMAI TE80IXB

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New electric tow tractor SIMAI TE80IXB
SIMAI TE80IXB - battery in low, rear position for improved stability and easy replacement
SIMAI TE80IXB - confortable access, low roof for the narrowest tunnels

The electric tow tractor SIMAI TE80IXB is the evolution of one of SIMAI most successful tow tractors, the TE70IXB.

The Customers required a vehicle with enhanced performances while maintaining all the main features that were so greatly appreciated: the height with roof limited below 1.800 mm, the low step on platform (only 320 mm from the ground for a fast and easy access) and the battery in rear position for fast replacement.
All those features have been preserved, thus making the SIMAI TE80IXB the ideal tow tractor for operations in many consecutive work shifts and in places with height limitations.
Furthermore, a minor lengthening of the chassis allowed SIMAI to improve the operator’s comfort, enlarging the driving place while keeping great manoeuvrability thanks to the standard hydraulic steering.
Driving the SIMAI TE80IXB is even easier thanks to the steering column, adjustable in height and angle and equipped with SIMAI digital multifunction dashboard.
Towing capacity have been upgraded to 8.000 Kg and stability have been enhanced also thanks to battery’s lower position.