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Electric tow tractor SIMAI TTE30 with towing capacity 3.000 kg ideal for just-on-line deliveries of automotive industry production flows
Electric tow tractor SIMAI TTE30 in standing driver mode
Electric tow tractor SIMAI TTE30 in sitting driver mode

A new born in the SIMAI family
Compact, easy-to-drive, fast and powerful, the SIMAI TTE 30 AC has been designed to satisfy a specific need of automotive industry: a vehicle that can quickly and safely deliver materials in production lines.

For the just-on-line handling, the operator must frequently step on and off the vehicle for loading and unloading. Other SIMAI products have considered this peculiar need but with the TTE 30 AC, the development was supervised by the client. The result of this collaboration is the possibility for the TTE 30 AC’s operator to drive it seated or standing, with a back-rest that can be adjusted in height and angle to provide the most comfortable position both driving and during operations. Stepping on and off the TTE 30 AC becomes an easy and safe operation because the vehicle, once without driver, is automatically braked. Furthermore, the standing plate is mounted on anti-vibrating springs, thus providing a better driving.
All the controls are collected together within operator’s reach: with the left hand the operator controls the steering wheel, while with the right hand he uses a motorbike-like handle with all the other needed controls.
A fast battery change system has been installed, to let the tractor work on many shifts (the system can be operated with or without auxiliary devices).Born for automotive industry, the SIMAI TTE 30 AC can satisfy the operational needs of many other industrial fields.