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Electric ambulance SIMAI PE12A in front of Capri's Faraglioni
SIMAI PE12A electric ambulance was designed to be able to move along Capri's narrow roads
SIMAI PE12A electric ambulance width was designed to allow the motion through the narrowest roads

The amazing panorama of Capri, one of Mediterranean's most beautiful islands. On such a place, reducing traffic and alternative mobility must be chosen.

Such a bond, unavoidable to keep the island safe, must not be paid reducing services for citizens, especially in peculiar and emergency situations.
After the production of many special vehicles specifically designed to be used in Capri, SIMAI’s PE 12 A was put on duty. SIMAI’s experience in realizing special electric transports, always created considering passenger’s comfort and accessibility, made possible to design this first-aid transport vehicle.
SIMAI PE 12 A is the perfect compromise between a powerful motor, 7.5 KW on constant duty, and excellent grip both uphill and breaking, obtained throughout a better weights calibration on all four wheels, load and unloaded, and lowering the centre of gravity.
Despite its small dimension, necessary to move along Capri’s narrow alleys, in SIMAI PE 12 A’s patient module, with windows, there’s room enough for both a self-loading stretcher and an additional side seat for a paramedic, ensuring a comfortable transport. Before SIMAI PE 12 A, such an operation could only be done by walking auxiliary paramedics. This is a clear example of how technology can improve people’s life standards without harming the environment.