Presentation of SIMAI PPE 6 "VPI" First Aid Vehicle for railways stations

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First aid vehicle SIMAI PPE6 VPI at Montparnasse Railways Station, Paris
Montparnasse Railways Station Paramedics' SIMAI PPE6 VPI first aid vehicle

On the 18th November 2009 at the Gare de Montparnasse (Paris, France), the new PPE 6 “VPI”, first aid electric vehicle, realised by SIMAI for the Station Paramedics was officially presented.

Born from the cooperation between SIMAI and Montparnasse Paramedics, the PPE 6 “VPI” will allow to cover quickly all the station’s internal area – the zones with limited spaces included – granting a fast intervention in case of emergency – yet being perfectly visible by the bystanders.
The PPE 6 “VPI” is obviously equipped to help and transport people that might accidentally be in state of need.
The official beginning of the PPE 6 “VPI”’s operational life makes SIMAI team extremely proud of the work done, knowing the importance of the duty that Montparnasse Paramedics will be able to perform thanks to this truck.