PTE 8 "Ipermarket"

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Electric platform truck SIMAI PTE8 "Ipermarket" with special towing hitch for shopping trolleys
Electric platform truck SIMAI PTE8 "Ipermarket" with special towing hitch for mall trolleys

Material handling vehicles are found in unexpected places, being very useful even outside their usual context, the industrial-productive sector. In supermarkets and malls, after their use, shopping trolleys are normally collected and transported manually, with a waste of time and working force. SIMAI platform truck PTE 8 “Ipermarket” is an easy solution to those problems.

Its special towing hitch makes it possible to connect trolleys quickly and firmly, so that they can be towed efficiently and fast. Even though a long chain of trolleys can be created, we suggest to reduce its length in order to increase safety and speed; in this condition there’s no need for a second operator in charge of controlling the trolley-chain’s rear-drifting. An increase in operating speed means the same number of trolleys transported in less time and at higher efficiency.
The platform turns useful to collect any item the customers might have left in the trolleys after using them, thus concentrating two operations – trolleys collecting and preliminary cleaning – in one.
In Italy, the PTE 8 “Ipermarket” has been homologated to drive on the public road and consequently can be used without problem in parking areas; this is an addition to the general safety of this product, constructed considering all the highest international standards.