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Building-integrated photovoltaics on SIMAI's production plant roof
Thanks to its building integrated photovoltaics, SIMAI can reduce CO2 emissions

Being a manufacturer of zero emissions materials’ handling vehicles – and always focusing on environmentally friendly newer technologies, SIMAI decided to become independent from electric power produced using fossil fuels installing building-integrated photovoltaics.

The photovoltaics – operating since the last days of 2009 – have been incorporated into the roof of SIMAI’s production plant. 380 crystalline-silicon solar panels – placed on a surface of 620 m2 ca. – compose the system, developing a peak power output of 80 kW (with a global yearly production of 95.000 kWh), thus completely satisfying SIMAI’s electric power needs.
Completing with SIMAI’s industrial philosophy – the production of materials’ handling vehicles with very limited environmental impact – this relevant investment was decided because of many reasons, including a significant spare, independence and energy efficiency in addition to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the diminishing of company’s environmental impact.