Season Holidays closure

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SIMAI SpA will be closed from 2016 December 23 to 2017, January 9 for season holidays and inventory

Season greetings from SIMAI team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Electric platform truck SIMAI PES150 with small-lift platform

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Marble is an extremely precious material. Therefore, it is mandatory to handle it with care, avoiding ground unevenness, during its working processes.
SIMAI developed the small-lift-platform truck PES150 to solve this problem.
SIMAI PES150 can pick up from the ground and handle racks filled with marble-plates up to 15 ton overall weight.
To avoid damages to the marble plates while working outdoor, where the ground is uneven, SIMAI PES150 platform has a specific shock-absorbing system, limiting vibrations.

SIMAI PE30A, platform truck for trains' bogies and axles

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SIMAI supplied the special platform truck PE30A in one of the most important trains maintenance plants in Italy. Designed according to Customer's requirements, it is already updated to the latest Regulation about material handling vehicles in railways stations and plants, issued by italian railways network Authority. SIMAI PE30A is used to handle trains undercarriage bogies and axles.

Coils and die-casts carrier SIMAI PEB450

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One of automotive world leaders added the new electric platform truck SIMAI PEB450 to its material handling fleet in one of Russia's most important plants SIMAI PEB450 is a multi-purpose platform truck, designed according to Customer's specific needs with loading capacity of 45 tons. It is designed to carry die-cast moulds and steel coils, up to 2 die-casts or 2 coils simultaneously. Battery powered, SIMAI PEB450 performances are granted by its powerful 45 KW AC motor.

Electric truck with lifting platform SIMAI PE15PS

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SIMAI PE15PS is based on standard platform truck SIMAI PE15. Equipped with a lifting platform, SIMAI PE15PS has been developed for train maintenance duties, specifically windows' and doors' maintenance both in indoor and outdoor maintenance facilities. The lifting platform, in the rear part of the unit, not only can reach and height of 2750 mm from the ground, but also con move sideways. With this movement, it allows the operator to get closer to the train, making operator's work easier and safer.    Read more »

New turbines' starting duty tractor SIMAI TE250R-EA

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SIMAI range of electric tow tractors for light aviation support - turbine starting duties - is completed by model TE250R-EA. TE250R-EA is an enhanced version of TE250R, innovative SIMAI tractor for airport duties with rear cabin and towing capacity of 25 tons. In turbine starting configuration it grants, thanks to its specific battery management system, an output voltage of 28 V with a peak current of 2000 A

New turbines' starting duty tractor TE80IXB-AE

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SIMAI range of electric tow tractors for light aviation support - turbine starting duties - is enriched with new models capable of providing starting current directly from their own batteries, yet keeping typical, excellent features of towing capacity, manoeuvrability and autonomy.
The first model of this new generation of tractors is TE80IXB-AE. Based on the 8 tons towing capacity standard TE80IXB, the TE80IXB-AE, thanks to a new battery management system can provide an output voltage of 24 V with a peak current of 1200 A


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SIMAI manufactured a new electric "pushback" tractor, with pedestrian operator, model TTE250UP.
It is a powerful 3-wheeler tractor with 25 tons towing capacity, extremely manoeuvrable and agile.
SIMAI TTE250UP is ideal to handle aircrafts and helicopter inside hangars or to bring them on rolling areas. Furthermore, it's perfect to handle extremely heavy loads in warehouses or production sites with very narrow spaces.

SIMAI @ CeMAT 2014

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Thank you for visiting us @ CeMAT 2014, Hannover, Germany!