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Platform truck on rails with loading capacity of 25 tons
Remote controlled platform truck on rails

The cooperation with our customers doesn’t always mean the designing of new products; sometimes our know-how makes us conceive other solutions.

A recent example is the collaboration between SIMAI and a customer needing to handle inside its production site – and during various moments of the productive process - moulds weighting up to 25 tons: this operation was performed with a trailer on rails. The customer was demanding to make these operations safer
It was chosen to install a motor on the existing trailer, perfectly fitted into production flux. In this way, it was possible to mantain the basic feature of the trailer itself, its limited dimensions, with the value added of motion in safety.
Remote control allows the operator to follow in safety all handling operation with a full and constant control.
Cooperation with the customer brought to a solution not only satisfying for operational requirements but also economically advantageous.