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SIMAI PE15 with tank for water supply
Mobile workshop SIMAI TE4MT
Trains' side washing unit SIMAI CLCF

With four-decades long experience in designing and producing vehicles for railways maintenance and cleaning, SIMAI trucks are the most suitable to perform those services quickly and efficiently. In facts, they allow to maximise quality and speed of operations, elements with a high esteem among operators of this field.

SIMAI vehicles for railways maintenance and cleaning include, for example: CLCF truck for the external washing of train cars (available both in electric or IC version); SCR trailer for emptying train lavatories (with both electric and IC versions available); the PE 15 C mobile fluid dispenser; the mobile workshop TE 4 MT. Furthermore, many special trucks for particular services have been produced, accordingly to customers’ requests. Constant product development and an eye always kept on market trends made it possible to design new vehicles for those duties, like the new SIMAI PE 15 LP – deriving from the standard platform truck SIMAI PE 15 AC equipped with train cars’ external washing system.
SIMAI trucks, designed according to the highest quality standards, have always been the wisest choice for railways maintenance and cleaning.