SIMAI PE15XCPB train's batteries replacement truck

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SIMAI PE15XCPB, studied to make train's batteries replacement a one-man operation
SIMAI PE15XCPB truck for train's batteries replacement duty

SIMAI rebooted the PE15XCPB truck for train coaches batteries' replacement making it an easy one-man operation.

Thanks to the automatic system,  just one operator can handle and replace up to 6 train batteries. All batteries movements inside the unit are automated. Battery extraction from trains and charging place is performed without efforts  or  back torsions. The only operations to be performed manually are insertion of battery in the train (operation made easier by the loading sledge) and placement of the battery from the truck's dock to the loading sledge, a movement of about 15 cm.
With its  overall width of only 1100 mm SIMAI PE15XCPB  can move around  with great agility in all railway stations and maintenance centers.
SIMAI PE15XCPB improves efficiency in railway coaches batteries replacement duty while significantly reducing operators' efforts (way below the maximum allowed effort limit) and risks of muscle and back traumas.