SIMAI PEB 250 - Handling flexibility

Data news: 
Coils carrier SIMAI PEB250, with loading capacity 25 tons
Reels carrier SIMAI PEB250, driving position in both motion directions

In automotive industry production flows, coils handling flexibility is a relevant issue. In order to make this operation more efficient, faster and safer - while reducing greenhouse gasses emissions - we have realised, for one of Europe's most important automotive Groups, the coils' carrier SIMAI PEB 250

SIMAI PEB 250 is capable of carrying coils weighting up to 25 tons and having different diameters and lenghts.
To hold smaller coils in safety - even when braking or steering in case of emergency - SIMAI PEB 250 is equipped with a special hydraulic clamp controlled by the operator.
To prevent rear-motion and maneuvre with visibility limited by such an important load, the customer required a bi-directional vehicle. SIMAI PEB 250 responds to this requirement and furthermore is equipped with easy-to-use controls on both driving directions.
Since the beginning of its working life, operators have enthusiastically appreciated SIMAI PEB 250 being it safe, user-friendly and ergonomic. Already after few months of use, SIMAI PEB 250 is considered very important for the duty it performs

Coils carrier SIMAI PEB250 equipped with load-holding hydraulic clamp
Reels carrier SIMAI PEB250 with carrying capacity 25.000 kg