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SIMAI TB 50 for pick-up and handling of cable reels up to 50 tons
SIMAI TB 50 cable reels carrier
SIMAI TB50 coils carrier

The high efficiency solution for reels carrying.
A careful study of all possible solutions for reels handling and transport in industrial plants brought to the designing of SIMAI TB 50 reel carrier

Powered by two 20KW/96 V motors, the TB 50 is able to carry reels with 3000-4600 mm diameter and 1600-3300 mm length and with a weight up to 50 t. Even though standard operating conditions for this peculiar kind of handling consist of levelled flooring, SIMAI TB 50 can also work on ceonnection ramps and other slopes with small gradient.
The high thickness steel-built chassis gives the TB 50 a heightened level of hardiness, necessary to effectively handle reels in safety.
An excellent grip is obtained thanks to the six superelastic tires of big dimension: four of these are placed under the two carrying forks while the two driving wheels with electronically managered steering find their place under the driving cabin.
Braking system was conceived to ensure the highest efficiency and safety.
The closed driver's cabin, placed cross-section of the driving direction, gives a better view, thus improving working operations. Such is also the aim of the automotive-type guiding system.
The particular battery-change system of the TB 50 makes it possible to quickly change batteries, fulfilling most operational needs, also in heavy duty conditions.
Those are the elements that identify SIMAI TB 50 as the solution for reels' handling problems, changing them into an easy, convenient and safe operation.