SIMAI TE20BIL – handling sustainability

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Terminal tractor SIMAI TE20BIL
Electric terminal tractor SIMAI TE20BIL
Electric terminal tractor TE20BIL

One of the choices to make production flows more efficient while reducing environmental footprint is to use electric-powered vehicles instead of combustion-powered ones.
SIMAI TE20BIL is an electric terminal tractor capable of towing semitrailers up to 40 tons.
It is equipped with hydraulic fifth wheel, air compressor and electrical connection. Operators using it are always very satisfied for its performances, comfort and noiselessness.

Recently delivered TE20BIL units have become part of the recycling flow of a paper manufacturer. Thanks to TE20BIL, the company augmented even more its high level of sustainability. Today’s industry is focusing each day more towards sustainable use of resources and waste reduction and SIMAI TE20BIL fits perfectly in this environmental friendly world-view.