SIMAI TE250R - 8 years of uniqueness

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SIMAI TE250R with 25 tons towing capacity, unit from the first series
Electric tow tractor SIMAI TE250R with towing capacity 25000 kg, unit from the third revision
Electric tow tractor SIMAI TE250R, perfect for airport ground handling

Showed for the first time at Padua Air Logic Exhibition 2002, the innovative SIMAI TE250R electric tow tractor celebrates its 8th birthday.

The main innovation introduced in 2002 on the tractor was the cabin in rear position, unique among electric tractors. The technical solutions that were made possible by this configuration, make the SIMAI TE250R the tractor of its category providing best safety, reliability, sturdiness, drive comfort, performances while granting lower and easier maintenance.
In the past 8 years, SIMAI realised some hundreds of TE250R units while constantly developing the project, reaching now its' fourth release.
All implementations and improvements have been realised following the suggestions of final users, fundamental for the good development of a product still unique on the market.