SIMAI TE500RR - small dimensions, great performances

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Electric tow tractor SIMAI TE500RR with towing capacity 50 tons
Powerfull, compact electric tow tractor SIMAI TE500RR

One of the most frequently required "tow tractor concepts" is a unit having both great towing capacity and small dimensions in order to move without problems inside industrial facilities. The balance between these elements was achieved with SIMAI TE500RR.
Although a towing capacity of 50 tons, SIMAI TE500RR is only slightly longer than TE250RR, the standard unit its design was based upon.
Thanks to its dimensions, SIMAI TE500RR is capable of moving nimbly inside reduced spaces and narrow aisles of industrial halls.
General performances and features of SIMAI TE500RR have been desiged in order to respect even the strictier safety rules while keeping maximum efficiency with typical SIMAI high quality.
Standardised and overdimensioned components allow a faster, easier and effective maintenance, thus reducing significantly SIMAI TE500RR's operating costs.