SIMAI TTE50AD - the new electric tow tractor for just-on-line duties

Data news: 
Electric tow tractor SIMAI TTE50AD with towing capacity 5000 kg (left-hand side) and electric tow tractor SIMAI TTE30 with towing capacity 3000 kg (right-hand side)
Electric tow tractor SIMAI TTE50AD with towing capacity 5 tons

The electric tow tractor TTE50AD becomes part of SIMAI’s product range 3 years after its “little brother” SIMAI TTE30 was first shown: excellent operator’s reviews of this model unveiled new needs, convincing us to further develop the project enhancing its performances.

SIMAI TTE50AD is as well a solution for just-on-line duties: with a 5 tons towing capacity and great autonomy can face the toughest tasks in complete efficiency.
TTE50AD’s dimensions were designed to provide an higher level of comfort to the operator in both driving positions – sitting and standing – and back support fast and easy adjustment while keeping manoeuvrability features necessary for just-on-line duty.
Responding to SIMAI TTE50AD typical customers’ requirements, we have further improved safety devices, reducing unit improper use possibilities