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Innovative electric tow tractor SIMAI TE250R
Electric tow tractor SIMAI TE250R, ideal for airport cargo handling, ground handling, baggage handling duties
Electric tow tractor SIMAI TE250R with towing capacity 25 tons

In a market where electric tow tractors with driver’s cabin in front position are the common practice, SIMAI, with the strength of over five decades of experience in producing vehicles for material handling, offers the TE 250 R (with a towing capacity of 25 t) with driver’s cabin in rear position: is it tradition or innovation?

 It can sound like a “return to the past”. Actually, the rear driver’s position was abandoned many years ago due to that time’s material- and space-influenced designing problems but now new technologies give the chance to take back this configuration.
The advanced technology of the electric asynchronous motor with hollow shaft made  possible a more rational space setting, thanks to its dimension reduced to one cylinder around the rear axle, thus improving  tractor’s safety and reliability
Eventually, which are the advantages of this newer configuration vis à vis the most common one?
A notably well defined increase in tractor’s stability is obtained installing the battery in a forward, lowered position. Owing to the battery’s own weight and position and to the longer wheelbase (achieved without increasing the overall length) the reactive effect of the torque and the tractive force are naturally offset, cancelling the pitching up at the front of the tractor while towing and also, during braking, preventing the “nosing” resulting from the inertia of the load towed that is not braked
The heightened thickness of the perimetric chassis makes the TE 250 R more resistant and ready to face heavy duty in complete safety, even in airport’s extremely hard operating conditions.
Putting the driver’s cabin in rear position not only reduces the risks in case of frontal crash, but it also provides a perfect visibility of the towing hitch when operating.
In addition, rear brakes in sump oil  and   4-cylinder disc front brakes, providing an effective braking action, fulfill most severe safety standards.
The preference for a swing door on the cabin prevents the residual risk from shearing in cases of accidental tipping on the side.
Driving comfort is substantially improved since the seat is over the large diameter drive wheels which absorb the ground’s unevenness together with  air suspensions and hydraulic shock absorbers.
TE 250 R is really a  safer, stronger and more reliable towing tractor, better also when talking about running costs. In facts maintenance is basic and easier, reducing down-times. This makes it possible to diminish the size of unnecessarily big vehicles’ fleets to the real operating needs furthermore decreasing costs.
SIMAI TE 250 R was designed taking everything into account and making it a towing tractor of newer generation capable of being integrated  in existing fleets improving their operating standards.