Platform truck for long loads SIMAI PE30MCCL

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The electric platform truck SIMAI PE30 MC CL (Half cabin – long loads) is the flexible answer to the need of  occasionally handling over-dimensioned loads.

While keeping all main features of a standard platform truck, SIMAI PE30 MC CL can be quickly converted in case of need.
SIMAI PE30 MC CL is equipped with a fully enclosed cabin for the driver and a second operator’s seat (with weather protection).
Second operator’s safety is granted by a load    Read more »

New electric tow tractor SIMAI TE80IXB

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The electric tow tractor SIMAI TE80IXB is the evolution of one of SIMAI most successful tow tractors, the TE70IXB.

The Customers required a vehicle with enhanced performances while maintaining all the main features that were so greatly appreciated: the height with roof limited below 1.800 mm, the low step on platform (only 320 mm from the ground for a fast and easy access) and the battery in rear position for fast replacement.
All those features have been preserved, thus making the     Read more »

SIMAI TE 250 R: quarto restyling

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In winter 2010/2011 SIMAI electric tow tractor TE 250 R was renewed reaching its fourth version. This renewal operation brought important implementations to the concept introduced in 2002, while keeping its original dimensions.

A pump with servobrake is installed, allowing a more efficient braking, effortless for the operator.
Maintenance operations were reduced thanks to the replacement of air springs with helical steel springs.    Read more »

SIMAI TE250R - 8 years of uniqueness

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Showed for the first time at Padua Air Logic Exhibition 2002, the innovative SIMAI TE250R electric tow tractor celebrates its 8th birthday.

The main innovation introduced in 2002 on the tractor was the cabin in rear position, unique among electric tractors.    Read more »

SIMAI Cooperation - Simply advantageous

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The cooperation with our customers doesn’t always mean the designing of new products; sometimes our know-how makes us conceive other solutions.

A recent example is the collaboration between SIMAI and a customer needing to handle inside its production site – and during various moments of the productive process - moulds weighting up to 25 tons: this operation was performed with a trailer on rails. The customer was demanding to make these operations safer
It was chosen to install a motor on the existing trailer, perfectly fitted into production flux.    Read more »