Presentation of SIMAI PPE 6 "VPI" First Aid Vehicle for railways stations

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On the 18th November 2009 at the Gare de Montparnasse (Paris, France), the new PPE 6 “VPI”, first aid electric vehicle, realised by SIMAI for the Station Paramedics was officially presented.

Born from the cooperation between SIMAI and Montparnasse Paramedics, the PPE 6 “VPI” will allow to cover quickly all the station’s internal area – the zones with limited spaces included – granting a fast intervention in case of emergency – yet being perfectl    Read more »

PTE 8 "Ipermarket"

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Material handling vehicles are found in unexpected places, being very useful even outside their usual context, the industrial-productive sector. In supermarkets and malls, after their use, shopping trolleys are normally collected and transported manually, with a waste of time and working force.    Read more »


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A new born in the SIMAI family
Compact, easy-to-drive, fast and powerful, the SIMAI TTE 30 AC has been designed to satisfy a specific need of automotive industry: a vehicle that can quickly and safely deliver materials in production lines.

For the just-on-line handling, the operator must frequently step on and off the vehicle for loading and unloading.    Read more »

Test of SIMAI TB 50 reel carrier

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On 15/12/2008 SIMAI reel carrier TB 50 was succesfully tested with a load of 50 tons. Hereunder it is possible to see the videos of this test, realised with heavy load and bad weather conditions.

The tests gave another proof of TB 50 performances, being the truck capable of operating efficiently with full load under heavy rain.    Read more »


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A multifunctional vehicle – granting a fast response to any just-on-time request – is a fundamental need in today’s management of production lines’ and other auxiliary services. SIMAI TTE 40 PB is the electric tractor designed to satisfy such a need.

The electric tractor SIMAI TTE 40 PB is capable not only to tow loads up to 4 tons but also to move fast carrying small objects in its rear plastic box.    Read more »