Customised Products: Airports

SIMAI has always been on the cutting edge designing and manufacturing tow tractors for airport ground handling, cargo handling and other airport duties. Tow tractors from the “R” series have been specifically designed for those operations, transforming the whole market segment. Furthermore, SIMAI products’ range includes units for towing and performing turbine starting of helicopters and small aircrafts.

Light aviation support tractor TE150EA, equipped with a GPU unit to perform  turbine starting and on-board control on helicopters and small aircrafts.
From the same concept of TE250R, SIMAI developed the TE380R towing tractor, with 38 tons towing capacity, specifically designed for cargo handling.
GPU60 – ground power unit for turbine starting of helicopter and aircrafts 28 V DC / 115 V AC / 60 KV.
Towbarless tractor SIMAI ELITRAC, for towing small aircrafts. Turning cabin for a better view of the handling and lifting system
Electric tow tractor SIMAI TE70AE for turbine starting duties for helicopters and small aircrafts

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