Customised Products: Railways

Operating in the railways sector for more than four decades, SIMAI produces vehicles for trains’ cleaning (having invented the train’s side washing unit) and for trains’ maintenance. All railways segment products are developed cooperating with the end-user technical departments in order to provide always the most appropriate unit for each duty, yet maintaining SIMAI high quality.

Power-pack removal and maintenance platform SIMAI TE60PERSOB
Trains’ washing unit SIMAI TE80LCF
Train roof and side inspection and maintenance platform SIMAI PRESTO
Pantographs’ maintenance platform SIMAI TEEMPG
Pushing/towing tractor SIMAI TE250R-S
Electric platform truck SIMAI PE30 equipped with tank for cesspool / waste emptier
Trailer SIMAI LRL HP for train's toilet washing operation, it takes its feeding from the tow tractor SIMAI TE70's battery
SIMAI PTE8SD for spraying detergent on trains' cars sides
Electric truck SIMAI PE12PBSH for trains' batteries replacement and maintenance operations
Electric truck SIMAI PE12PS with lifting platform for maintenance at heighs
Electric truck SIMAI PE15 equipped with tiltable rear box for waste collection/disposal duties
Electric platform truck SIMAI PE15 equipped for greasing operations
Electric platform truck SIMAI PE15 equipped with tank for fuel supply
Electric platform truck SIMAI PE15 with tank for water supply
Electric truck SIMAI PE15XCPB for trains' batteries replacement operations
Electric truck SIMAI PE30 equipped with double tank for diesel fuel and glycol supply
Trailer SIMAI SRC, powered by tow tractor's battery, for emptying trains' toilets
SIMAI TE 30 PERLA, truck with lifting/rolling/moving platform for replacing equipments under trains
SIMAI CT100 cart for detergent spraying
Electric truck SIMAI PE12LR HP for trains toilets washing operations, equipped with high-pressure pump
SIMAI RB10PB, trailer for trains batteries replacement operations
Mobile workshop SIMAI TE4MT for every kind of maintenance operation, also at heights

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