Customised Products: Special Transport

In addition to standard units, SIMAI produce also vehicles with higher towing or loading capacity, according to Customers’ operating needs. Furthermore, all SIMAI products can be adapted to Customer specific demands, in order to always supply the right unit.

TE500RR tow tractor with 50 tons towing capacity
Customisation with tent of PE30 platform truck. All SIMAI tractors and platform trucks can be customised responding to Customers’ specific requests.
TE800C 4wd tow tractor with 80 tons towing capacity.
Remote controlled platform truck SIMAI PE800UP, loading capacity 80 tons
Remote controlled platform truck on rails, loading capacity 25 tons
Electric platform truck SIMAI PE15 with rear van
SIMAI TE70IXB PF for coffin transport
Electric platform trucks SIMAI PTE9 for loads up to 900 kg

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