SIMAI @ CeMAT 2014

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Thank you for visiting us @ CeMAT 2014, Hannover, Germany!

TE500RR: great performances, efficiency, reliability, safety, quality

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The operators in some of the most important industries in Europe are enthusiastic about the daily operations performed with electric tow tractor SIMAI TE500RR thanks to its performances (towing capacity 50 tons), efficiency, reliability, quality and safety.

These features, together with limited dimensions, make the SIMAI TE500RR perfect for heavy industry and for automotive industry mould casts handling.
Given the loads' weight, SIMAI TE500RR is normally equipped with a compressor, allowing it to tow trailers with pneumatic braking system, further increasing operating    Read more »

SIMAI PE15XCPB train's batteries replacement truck

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SIMAI rebooted the PE15XCPB truck for train coaches batteries' replacement making it an easy one-man operation.

Thanks to the automatic system,  just one operator can handle and replace up to 6 train batteries. All batteries movements inside the unit are automated. Battery extraction from trains and charging place is performed without efforts  or  back torsions.    Read more »

NEW SIMAI PE50LL PLATFORM TRUCK: “green” solution for high volumes’ handling

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Analysing customer’s specific logistic needs – quite high volume loads up to 5 tons – SIMAI delivered the solution with the new SIMAI PE50LL platform truck.

In addition to a 5 tons loading capacity, SIMAI PE50LL has a big platform – 8000x2600 mm – completely covered to protect the goods against any weather condition

It is possible to load and unload the truck from the sides or, if needed, from behind using the normal road truck loading dock. This feature allows PE50LL to be perfectly integrated in the logistic flux with the highest flexibility

SIMAI tow tractors and platform trucks: quality and safety also in working places with potentially explosive atmospheres

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SIMAI offers its electric tow tractors and platform trucks also in versions apt to be used in potentially explosives atmospheres. This is part of SIMAI's capacity to answer specific Customers' needs with special products.
Standard or customised SIMAI units for these peculiar working environment are designed and built specifically for this duty.    Read more »

Platform truck for long loads SIMAI PE30MCCL

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The electric platform truck SIMAI PE30 MC CL (Half cabin – long loads) is the flexible answer to the need of  occasionally handling over-dimensioned loads.

While keeping all main features of a standard platform truck, SIMAI PE30 MC CL can be quickly converted in case of need.
SIMAI PE30 MC CL is equipped with a fully enclosed cabin for the driver and a second operator’s seat (with weather protection).
Second operator’s safety is granted by a load    Read more »

SIMAI TE 250 R: quarto restyling

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In winter 2010/2011 SIMAI electric tow tractor TE 250 R was renewed reaching its fourth version. This renewal operation brought important implementations to the concept introduced in 2002, while keeping its original dimensions.

A pump with servobrake is installed, allowing a more efficient braking, effortless for the operator.
Maintenance operations were reduced thanks to the replacement of air springs with helical steel springs.    Read more »